Future of Real Estate

Transforming the way Real Estate is Monetized & Sold across the Globe




The future of Real Estate... WREX (World Real Estate Xchange) is a modern real estate marketplace, our mission is to make the world more open, transparent & accessible, by creating AI technologies that connect Agents, Buyers & Sellers across property markets around the globe. 








Global B2B Marketplace: With over 1.8m Agents & 2m+ properties worldwide, WREX leverages the power of AI & Machine Learning technology to automatically match Agents to Buyers & Sellers worldwide, transforming the way real estate is monetised & sold across the globe.


SaaS Enterprise Solution: Helping Enterprises gain full visibility & control over their brokerages & properties worldwide, whilst our AI technology works in the background to monetise, track & generate sales between offices locally, nationally & internationally.  



WREX’s philosophy & objectives are made up of three core values: Agile, Dynamic & Innovative. We see technology as a form of Art, allowing us to constantly push the technological boundaries with an unconventional, innovative approach, this inspires us to develop exciting new business solutions for the property industry & is echoed throughout our company ethos... Welcome to WREX.

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals provide tech solutions for businesses looking to define differentiation & achieve growth. We use advanced methodologies to build disruptive technology products, helping businesses take advantage of emerging opportunities & increasing ROI.




  • 75


    WREX has a strong presence in over 75 locations globally including: Europe, USA, Asia and beyond

  • 20,000


    With over 20,000+ offices worldwide to help you buy or sell your property

  • 400,000


    WREX professional members are 400,000+ and growing, with experts from around the world at your finger tips

  • 200,000


    Over 200,000+ available properties worldwide spanning across residential, commercial to developments